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Exchange + Remove messages from outbound queue

Remove-Message -Filter {Subject -eq “FYI”} -WithNDR $false Remove-Message -Filter {FromAddress -eq “”} -WithNDR $false

Outlook + Disable MAPI/HTTP

Create the following key: HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Exchange Create a new DWORD value named MapiHttpDisabled and set the value to 1

Exchange 2010 + Default Folder Permissions

Exchange 2007 CAS Role VDir Authentication SSL Management done through Default Web Site Anonymous Yes IIS and HTTP Keep Alive should be on /Owa Basic Yes EMC/Powershell /Exchange Basic Yes EMC/Powershell /Public Basic Yes EMC/Powershell /Exchweb Basic Yes EMC/Powershell /Oab Integrated No EMC/Powershell /Autodiscover Basic and Integrated Yes Powershell /Ews Integrated Yes Powershell /UnifiedMessaging Integrated […]

Exchange + Search mail

get-mailbox -resultsize unlimited | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery ‘attachment:”Filename”‘ -TargetMailbox UserName -TargetFolder “FolderName” -LogOnly -LogLevel Ful another lookup: Search-Mailbox -Identity “vasya.pupkin” -SearchQuery “” -TargetMailbox “ivan.ivanov” -TargetFolder “Folderame” -LogLevel Full

Exchnage + Restore Deleted Items between dates

Search-Mailbox -identity ivan.ivanov -SearchDumpsterOnly -SearchQuery “Received:2016-01-01..2016-04-01” -TargetMailbox ForDeletedMail -TargetFolder RestoredDeleted Another example: Search-Mailbox Superman -SearchDumpster -SearchQuery “(Received:1/1/2012..5/18/2016) AND ( OR OR OR OR ‘Batman’ OR ‘Bruce’ OR ‘Wayne’)” –targetmailbox BobTheLawyer -loglevel full -targetfolder “Search_Batman” Keywords for SearchQuery: Script (I haven’t try it):

Exchange 2010 + Changes in renewing certificates 2016

Copy-pasted from: Renew Exchange 2010 Certificate generates a binary file – conversion to base64 tips When renewing an SSL certificate for Exchange 2010, the process is fairly straightforward and there are plenty of sites to give advice on how to do this. Two sites to consider would be Technet and Go Daddy and the steps are summarised as […]

Exchange + Delete recoverable items from a mailbox

1. Check for the statistics of recoverable items folder: Get-MailboxFolderStatistics -Identity “FirstName LastName” -FolderScope RecoverableItems | Format-List 2) This command will delete items from the Recoverable items folder. Search-Mailbox -Identity “FirstName LastName” -SearchDumpsterOnly -DeleteContent


Exchange 2010 + allow users to manage contacts

Copy-pasted from: Building Blocks We will need to permit: Management of Distribution Groups in Active Directory Creation and management of Mail Enabled Contacts in Active Directory Management toolset to manage the above Management of Distribution Groups Exchange 2010 does not allow a user to manage groups that they own by default.  All of the […]

Manage DL from Outlook + fix

Add-ADPermission –identity “YourDistributionGroup” –User “YourUser” –AccessRights WriteProperty –Properties “Member”

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