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Zabbix + DB tables review

Linux + Clear /boot partition

RDP + RDG + MFA + More time to login

DWORD registry key at HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Terminal Server\WinStations\RDP-Tcp called “LogonTimeout” and setting the decimal value to the number of seconds needed such as 60.

Powershell + Access to MS SQL

Powershell + CSS in the tables

Not all CSS style instructions work in Outlook. There some tricks to colorize tables: Zebra in the table $Body = $Body -replace ‘(?.)\r\n(?.)’,’${first}${second}’ Replace in the table started from 3 to red and less to green $Body = $Body -replace ‘(?[3-9][0-9]{1,})(?.)’,’${first}${second}’ -replace ‘(?[1-2][0-9]{1,})(?.)’,’${first}${second}’ Simple replace $Body = $Body -replace <td>1</td>,<td bgcolor=#333>1</td>

Exchange 2019 + renew the certificate

You cannot renew the certificate via WebGUI, Powershell only. We will use Godaddy and we have the existing certificate which we will renew. Get the renewed certificate from Godaddy. Run IIS management console on the first Exchange server. Go to Server certificates and click Complete certificate request. Choose the certificate from Godaddy. It will appear […]

Test SMTP NTLM AUTH with TELNET + hint

The process: Notice: the base64 linux and windows encoding are different. The command to encode in powershell: [System.Convert]::ToBase64String([System.Text.Encoding]::UTF8.GetBytes(“password”)) hint: If you plan to bring a string encoded in Powershell into Linux then do the following, first encode in Powershell Then in Linux do the following:

Ubuntu + Create a user with password from the parameter

Ubuntu + Script to extend a disk

#!/bin/bash fdisk /dev/sda << FDISK_CMDS n w FDISK_CMDS partprobe /dev/sda a=$(vgs | awk ‘ NR==2 {print $1;}’) vgextend “$a” /dev/sda3 b=$(vgdisplay | awk ‘ NR==17 {print $3;}’) lvextend -l +”$b” /dev/$a/ubuntu-lv resize2fs /dev/$a/ubuntu-lv Usefull link: Manual:

Mcedit + color scheme

Can be configured in the file ~/.config/mc/ini

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