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PFSense + Installing packages

You can install packages from the command line: e.g.: pkg install -y pfsense-pkg-stunnel if something blocks it you will see: Updating pfSense-core repository catalogue…pfSense-core repository is up to date.Updating pfSense repository catalogue…pfSense repository is up to date.All repositories are up to date.process with pid 12837 still holds the lock Tnen you can kill it: kill […]

Extend LVM partition in CentOS 7/8 under VmWare

Add more space on the disk in VmWare console. Run cfdisk and check that you see free space after /dev/sda5. In my case there are /dev/sda4 as extended partition and /dev/sda5 as LVM2 partition in extended. Remember start sectors for /dev/sda4 and sda5. Delete /dev/sda5. Don’t worry – your data will be OK. Delete /dev/sda4. […]

IIS + get configuration

get-website | ForEach-Object -Process { $xSite=”IIS:\sites\”+$_.Name cd $xSite $xSite $myWebApp=get-webApplication $myWebApp | Format-Table -AutoSize Path , @{Label= “anonim:” ; Expression = {(Get-WebConfigurationProperty -Filter /system.webServer/security/authentication/anonymousAuthentication -Name Enabled -PSPath $xSite -location $_.Path).value }}, @{Label= “Basic:”; Expression = {(Get-WebConfigurationProperty -Filter /system.webServer/security/authentication/basicAuthentication -Name Enabled -PSPath $xSite -location $_.Path).value }}, @{Label= “ClientCert:”; Expression = {(Get-WebConfigurationProperty -Filter /system.webServer/security/authentication/clientCertificateMappingAuthentication -Name Enabled -PSPath […]

Centos + No more mirrors to try

yum clean all yum –disablerepo=\* –enablerepo=base,extras,updates update

Port forward with Windows 10

netsh interface portproxy add v4tov4 listenaddress= listenport=9000 connectaddress= connectport=80 netsh interface portproxy delete v4tov4 listenaddress= listenport=9000

Zabbix + certificates monitoring

There is the fine script and template for certificates monitoring. Just create the script, import the template and link it to the host. Monitoring SSL Certificates with Zabbix #! /bin/sh SERVER=$1 TIMEOUT=25 RETVAL=0 TIMESTAMP=`echo | date` if [ -z “$2” ] then PORT=443; else PORT=$2; fi EXPIRE_DATE=`echo | openssl s_client -connect $SERVER:$PORT 2>/dev/null | openssl […]

Pfsense + Zabbix + Temperature monitoring via com-port

pw usermod zabbix -G uucp Services: Zabbix Agent 4.2: Agent: Advanced: User Parameters: UserParameter=temperature, /root/digitemp_DS9097 -c /root/.digitemprc -q -t 0 | awk ‘{if ($7 == “85.00”) print “36”; else print $7}’ | bc Add a new item to a host as Numeric (float), a graph and a trigger.

ActiveMQ + Docker + network ports conflict

We got some errors like: When ActiveMQ started from the Docker container “Error starting userland proxy: Bind for unexpected Error response from daemon: failed to create endpoint SpinWay on network nat: hnsCall failed in Win32: The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (0x20). Solution: netsh int ipv4 […]

PFSense + ssh copy + keep authorized_keys after reboot

If you copy keys with: cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys they will disappear after reboot. You have to add a key via Web GUI: System – Users – Edit user admin – add authorized keys from from your PC below.  

Powershell + string to array

An array is created with the -split operator. Like so, $myString=”Four score and seven years ago” $arr = $myString -split ‘ ‘ $arr # Print output Four score and seven years ago When you need a certain item, use array index to reach it. Mind that index starts from zero. Like so, $arr[2] # 3rd […]

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