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Fix All Failed Exchange Database Content Indexes


One of the issues that my Get-DAGHealth.ps1 script alerts for is failed content indexes on database copies in a database availability group.

Note: for failed content indexes on servers that are not DAG members refer to this article instead.

Failed content indexes can easily go unnoticed when everything else is working fine however they will eventually begin to cause problems for you, for example by preventing database switchovers.

Fixing a single failed content index is easy, but if there are multiple failed indexes you can speed things up a little by fixing them all with a single PowerShell command.

To demonstrate, here is the Exchange Management Shell command for using Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus to display all database copies that have a content index in a failed state.

So all we need to do is pipe the output of that command into the Update-MailboxDatabaseCopy cmdlet with the -CatalogOnly switch.

Wait for that process to complete, then re-run the first command again. If no results are returned this time then there are no more failed content indexes.


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