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Pfsense + Zabbix + Temperature monitoring via com-port

pw usermod zabbix -G uucp Services: Zabbix Agent 4.2: Agent: Advanced: User Parameters: UserParameter=temperature, /root/digitemp_DS9097 -c /root/.digitemprc -q -t 0 | awk ‘{if ($7 == “85.00”) print “36”; else print $7}’ | bc Add a new item to a host as Numeric (float), a graph and a trigger.

PFSense + ssh copy + keep authorized_keys after reboot

If you copy keys with: cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys they will disappear after reboot. You have to add a key via Web GUI: System – Users – Edit user admin – add authorized keys from from your PC below.  

PFSense upgrade

Usually upgrade passes without issues but it can be painfull sometimes. I did upgrade from version 2.2.x to 2.4.3 and got a lot of errors about PHP and other modules especially “Tftp-server”. I tried to reboot the server and it was lost. So I went to the place and tried to do something but without […]

IPSEC + multilpe networks

I had to configure access from other local networks to remote site via IPSEC. My environment: FreeBSD + PFSense. I tried to add an additional SA to the both systems but that didn’t work. I read this document: and did such a way: Supernetting Example At Site A, there is one subnet, This […]

PFSense + import DHCP-mappings from dhcpd.conf

I wanted migrate my static mapping from my dhcpd.conf to PFSense. Script to parse data from dhcpd.conf to xml-text: #!/usr/bin/awk -f # # Author: Matt Pascoe – # Forked: Konstantin Shalygin – # Forked2: Rexxer, for PFSense # USAGE: # ./dhcpparse.awk /etc/dhcpd.conf # Note that for hosts, it will try a reverse lookup […]