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PFSense + Installing packages

You can install packages from the command line: e.g.: pkg install -y pfsense-pkg-stunnel if something blocks it you will see: Updating pfSense-core repository catalogue…pfSense-core repository is up to date.Updating pfSense repository catalogue…pfSense repository is up to date.All repositories are up to date.process with pid 12837 still holds the lock Tnen you can kill it: kill […]

Pfsense + Zabbix + Temperature monitoring via com-port

pw usermod zabbix -G uucp Services: Zabbix Agent 4.2: Agent: Advanced: User Parameters: UserParameter=temperature, /root/digitemp_DS9097 -c /root/.digitemprc -q -t 0 | awk ‘{if ($7 == “85.00”) print “36”; else print $7}’ | bc Add a new item to a host as Numeric (float), a graph and a trigger.

PFSense + ssh copy + keep authorized_keys after reboot

If you copy keys with: cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys they will disappear after reboot. You have to add a key via Web GUI: System – Users – Edit user admin – add authorized keys from from your PC below.  

PFSense upgrade

Usually upgrade passes without issues but it can be painfull sometimes. I did upgrade from version 2.2.x to 2.4.3 and got a lot of errors about PHP and other modules especially “Tftp-server”. I tried to reboot the server and it was lost. So I went to the place and tried to do something but without […]

IPSEC + multilpe networks

I had to configure access from other local networks to remote site via IPSEC. My environment: FreeBSD + PFSense. I tried to add an additional SA to the both systems but that didn’t work. I read this document: and did such a way: Supernetting Example At Site A, there is one subnet, This […]

PFSense + import DHCP-mappings from dhcpd.conf

I wanted migrate my static mapping from my dhcpd.conf to PFSense. Script to parse data from dhcpd.conf to xml-text: #!/usr/bin/awk -f # # Author: Matt Pascoe – # Forked: Konstantin Shalygin – # Forked2: Rexxer, for PFSense # USAGE: # ./dhcpparse.awk /etc/dhcpd.conf # Note that for hosts, it will try a reverse lookup […]