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Zabbix 3 + Adding VMWare hosts

  1. Create vSphere host
  2. Add 4 macros:
    – {$USERNAME} – username which has an administrative privileges on VMware
    – {$PASSWORD) – password for username
    – {$URL} – (where is the address of vSphere host, not VMware supervisor)
    – {$UUID} – $UUID can be obtain by requesting the hypervisor webservices like https://hostname/mob/?moid=ha-host&…are.systemInfo You will see data like uuid “320d4e35-b3fd-11e3-a216-6cae8b33fc28” where string between “” is the data to used in $UUID macro
  3. Add 3 templates to vSphere host:
    – Template Virt VMware
    – Template Virt VMware Guest
    – Template Virt VMware Hypervisor
  4. Done. After some time you will see new hosts in “Hosts”.

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