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TRAC + strict permissions

Once PM ask me to configure strict access to a project in TRAC for user.
He can have access only for “New ticket” and view only own tickets.

Firstly, I have created the user account and add him to the special group.

I assigned the next permissions for this group:

part of trac.ini (11.5)

authz_file = c:apachetracprojectsifstconfauthzpolicy.conf                #pick file with policy

authz_policy.* = enabled      #turning on policy

tickets.href = /report/7        #set navigation button “View tickets” to report “My tickets” by default


admin1 = WIKI_ADMIN
admin2 = WIKI_ADMIN
* = “”


user = “”


user = “”

But … I found some issues with permissions and understood that this way incorrect.

I looked up again and found this:

So, my trac.ini became:

privatetickets.* = enabled

tickets.href = /report/6

permission_policies = PrivateTicketsPolicy, DefaultPermissionPolicy, LegacyAttachmentPolicy

group_blacklist =

And I added the permission: TICKET_VIEW_REPORTER (it turn up after installing the plugin) for group.

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