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PFSense upgrade

Usually upgrade passes without issues but it can be painfull sometimes.

I did upgrade from version 2.2.x to 2.4.3 and got a lot of errors about PHP and other modules especially “Tftp-server”. I tried to reboot the server and it was lost. So I went to the place and tried to do something but without success.

I copied my files to usb-disk (fat32, mount command in my case: mount_msdosfs /dev/da0p1 /mnt). Then I made a new usb installation disk and started installation. During installation process I chose “Restore settings from old config.xml” – it toook data from the old system and apply to the new one. And I choose “Auto – Guided partition” – it formatted the drive. Then I rebooted the server when it asked me and got fully working server. Also I installed a new TFTP-server from the packages list and copied necessary files from my backup. And activate TFTP and Squid in services. Woooh. 🙂

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